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EZGO / Cushman Shuttle 4X

The EZGO / Cushman Shuttle 4X is perfect for driving around the neighborhood, lake house or ranch, the ST Custom takes the ST Sport 2+2 to a new Shuttle4X - Blue_Blk_SideR_083Portallevel of customization and style. Available in Electric Blue or Flame Red and featuring two-tone seats, premium alloy wheels, 22″ trail tires, and chrome brush guard, and seating for four with convertible cargo deck.

The EZGO / Cushman Shuttle 4X is ideal for:

  • Gated communities
  • Horse Ranches and Estates
  • Marinas & Lake Property
  • Gun and Trap Shooting Clubs
  • Auto & RV Dealers

All Cal Golf & Industrial Vehicles – Pre-Owned Golf Carts

All Cal Golf & Industrial Vehicles offers excellent quality Pre-Owned golf carts and Industrial Vehicles at great prices.  You will also enjoy our friendly staff, convenient location, and clean showroom.  Our vehicles also receive a 25 point inspection and service to maximize reliability.  We are also happy to discuss your specific golf cart application and budget.  We have golf cars in nearly every price range and offer financing on many of our golf cars and utility vehicles.

We also stock most popular accessories for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf cars including:

Weather enclosures

Cargo boxes & Rear Seat kits (4 passenger)

Carpet kits and floor mats

Light Packages

Custom tires & wheels

Custom paint & pinstriping

Custom & stock upholstery

Feel free to call us at (925) 363-5505 or stop by our showroom for more information.  Our selection is the best around!


Buying a Golf Cart – Tips on VIDEO

Buying a Golf Cart – Tips on VIDEO

Click on the link above to see on Golf Car purchasing tips

Buying a Golf Cart – Helpful Tips

VIDEO – Buying a Golf Cart – Tips on VIDEO


Golf Carts have been around since the early 1950’s and have served many purposes, aside from the traditional transport of 2 players on the golf course.  While EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha are the well known brands many other golf car companies have come and gone.  Over the years, golf cars have evolved in many ways to better suit the needs of the wide variety of end users.  This includes 4, 6, and 8 passenger models, industrial models, carts set up for off-road use, and a variety of other configurations.  What started out as a very small business has now blossomed into a huge multi-faceted industry with dozens of cart manufacturers and hundreds of golf car accessory suppliers located around the globe.  Golf carts and industrial vehicles are very popular at golf courses and country club, and everything from ranches to cemeteries.
Here are some items to prioritize before you start shopping:

  • Budget vs. age and condition
  • Purpose and terrain
  • Gas or Electric power
  • Accessories
  • Street Legal

Budget – the amount of money you spend can have a direct impact on your satisfaction level with the golf car or industrial vehicle you choose.  Generally, price and quality are directly proportional but there are exceptions so be sure to read on.  Here are different purchase categories and general comments that we will detail in a later blog:

  • Late model fleet lease returns – can be a good value but often have only basic equipment such as top and windshield.
  • Private party sale – generally lower hours but not always.  Often have custom cart options and accessories which you may or may not need.
  • Golf Car Dealer sales – may have been inspected, serviced, or reconditioned.

Evaluating Golf Cart Condition – this is the key to determining overall value.  Many golf car buyers have purchased carts from friends or fellow country club members only to find that it needs new set of deep cycle batteries…an expensive proposition, typically in the $800 plus range.  Or perhaps it needs a new primary or secondary clutch which is also expensive.  Worse yet, the engine is worn out and the buyer has to write a check for more than $1000.   These are all points to evaluate prior to purchasing the golf car.

If you are purchasing from a private party it may be worthwhile to have a reputable Golf Car Dealer check the cart over and provide an assessment of the condition.  It may cost a few dollars but may save you much frustration and expense in the end.
Modifications – Many privately owned golf cars are modified by their owners to meet their specific needs or tastes.
Minor modifications often include headlight kits, custom tires and wheels, carpet kits, and other items which have little impact on the operation of the golf cart and will provide additional comfort.
Major modifications such as:

  • high amp motor controllers
  • large high speed or high torque motors
  • shunt by-pass systems

Again, it is advisable to have a reputable Golf Car Dealer evaluate the modifications to help you determine if these will provide you satisfaction in the long run.  Many manufacturers such as EZGO now provide factory built golf carts that will climb hills very well and provide overall smooth operation, and a full factory warranty.
Accessories –  if you plan to purchase a golf cart loaded with accessories, think about YOUR needs first, especially if you are not planning to keep the cart for an extended period of time.  Many buyers have signed a deal on a loaded golf car only to find it difficult to sell later without taking a major loss on the deal.  Not all buyers need or want a $2000 sound system or fringe on the top of their cart so don’t be talked into buying a bunch of accessories that empty your wallet.
Happy Shopping! And be sure to check back with us for more tips.

Please feel free to visit our showroom at:

All Cal Golf & Industrial Vehicles, LLC

1820 Arnold Industrial Way, Unit B

Concord, CA 94520


Video tour of All Cal Golf Showroom!

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EZGO 2013 RXV with ladder rack and utility box $3995

2013 EZGO RXV Electric golf car in EXCELLENT CONDITION with ladder rack and utility box ,  White paint and beige seats and top.

EZGO 2010 RXV with utility box and ladder rack $3595

EZGO 2013 RXV with utility box and ladder rack $3995


  • 48 volt AC drive with Regenerative braking
  • Top, folding windshield
  • 19 mph speed setting
  • 2013 Trojan batteries
  • Ladder rack and Utility box
  • Good tires and upholstery

20 point service/inspection

e-Ride EXV4 – 4 passenger

EXV4 at Kennedy Space Center

The e-Ride EXV4 features all aluminum unibody construction and a 72 volt power system in your choice of AC or DC models.  This vehicle is the favorite of the Resorts and College Campuses across the U.S., due to its rugged construction and ability to run up to 50 miles on a single charge. You can add a solar top to extend the range by another 10 miles.  The electrical system features nine 8 volt, deep cycle, Interstate batteries for high reliablity and maximum run time.

The EXV4 is designed with passenger comfort in mind, from the easy access 4 door design with roll up windows to the optional electric heater, and standard head and tail lights.  You can option the vehicle to suit your needs by adding  a rear enclosure to keep luggage clean and dry, chrome wheels, and many paint color options to enhance the appearance.   The e-Ride is also a very quiet and efficient way to transport people without adding green house emissions to your community.

The e-Ride electric truck is perfectly suited for many application including:

  • College and University Campus Transport
  • Security Patrols
  • Resort and Apartment guest transport
  • VIP Tours
  • Mail Delivery

For more information, visit our website at

EZGO 2013 Six Passenger Shuttle – $9395

2013 Six Passenger EZGO Shuttle Electric golf car in EXCELLENT CONDITION with Inferno Red body and black top.

EZGO 2011 Six Passenger Shuttle

EZGO 2013 Six Passenger Shuttle


  • 48 volt AC drive with Regenerative braking
  • New Black Top, New clear folding windshield
  • 5 mph speed setting
  • New batteries
  • 5 panel mirror
  • New LED light Kit with Head lights, tail lights, brake lights
  • Custom 12” tires and wheels

20 point service/inspection

EZGO / Cushman Hauler 1000 Electric

The EZGO / Cushman Hauler 1000 will haul up to 1,000 lbs. of cargo plus two people. This heavy-duty vehicle features a 48-volt Hauler1000 - Blue_LTQL_185_copyelectric drive train with eight batteries that delivers the range and reliability you need to work efficiently. The Hauler 1000 is quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for golf course superintendents who demand quiet, zero emmission power.

The cargo box is constructed from roto-molded polyethylene for a quiet, rust proof, easy to clean surface…and it’s extremely durable too.   The inside cargo box measurements are 44″ wide x 36″ long x 10.5″ high.

The Hauler 1000 Electric is perfect for:

  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Housing & Apartment Complexes
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Water Districts & Treatment Plants



EZGO 2013 RXV Electric Black – $7,195

2013 EZGO RXV Freedom Electric golf car in EXCELLENT CONDITION with black paint, custom seats and black top.

EZGO 2010 Black $5,995

EZGO 2013 Black $7,195


>  48 volt AC drive with Regenerative braking

>  Custom upholstery

>  New Black Top, New folding/tinted windshield

>  19.5 mph speed setting

>  New Batteries

>  EZGO RXV Carbon Fiber Dash Combo Kit

>  Mirror, cooler, sand & seed bottles

>  Custom 14” tires and wheels

>  20 point service/inspection